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Recycled Rubber Driveway "Spikes" 

Driveway Spikes are an excellent alternative to – chains, ropes, milk crates or other driveway barriers. Nothing to move. No need to exit your vehicle when you leave or return home. Get rid of the “Yard sale/Construction site look”

Flexible Recycled rubber base and Rubber Spikes – WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR VEHICLE!

To the average driver contemplating a U-Turn, the Rubber Spikes appear dangerous and serve as a deterrent.

3" High "Spikes"

6" High "Spikes"

Recycled 3" High Driveway "Spikes"
Price:  $ 39.95

Recycled 6" High Driveway "Spikes"
Price:  $ 44.95


  • U-Turns?
  • Vehicles using your driveway to make a U-Turn.
  • Your driveway is not Public Property.
  • Cars pull in fast to get in and out undetected. This makes for a dangerous situation.
  • We where frustrated and concerned for our safety, and that of family, friends and pets.
  • The idea of a flexible, safe, and easy-to-use driveway barrier was born.


  • Prevents U-Turns and uwanted vehicles from your driveway.
  • Driveway Spikes are safe, flexible recycled rubber, rubber spikes.  No metal in driveway spikes.
  • Gives the appearance of a tire puncturing device.
  • Driveway Spikes are an alternative to expensive gates, chains, rope, milk crates or other driveway barriers.
  • Reflective yellow provides night visibility.
  • No damage to your vehicle, or any vehicle.
  • You can Drive Over or On Them.
  • No need to get in and out of your car when you leave or return home.
  • Driveway Spikes resolve these issues.

    Driveway Spikes help provide peace of mind to those who live alone and are intimidated by unknown vehicles  approaching their home.

    Driveway Spikes are great for those with vacation homes that may find their driveway a haven for illegal beach visitors parking.

Drivewayspike Features

  • Heavy weight. One inch thick, 6 ” wide. Over 5 pounds. Will not blow away.
  • Allows owners and guests too drive on or over them without tire damage.
  • Highly reflective yellow for night time visability.
  • Eco-friendly.  Made from recycled rubber/rubber spikes.
  • Are cost effective alternative to electric gates,fence gates.
  • No moving parts or metal.
  • No need for electricity or batteries.
  • Easy to use.  Just place them down. 24″ to the left or right of center.
  • Pick them up for snow removal.



What are DrivewaySpikes made Of ?

One inch thick, solid recycled rubber.

Will the rubber spikes damage my tires?

No.The spikes are all rubber.There is no metal in any part of Drivewayspikes.

What size driveway will this model be appropriate for?

12′ wide driveway. This will leave 61 inches on each side of Drivewayspikes when placed in the middle

14′ wide with choke points  on either side of the driveway.

Choke Points = planters etc..This makes the 14 ‘ driveway appear narrow.

The average American car is 6’6″ wide (78″)

Can Drivewayspikes be seen at night?

Yes.There is a 2″ wide Reflective Yellow strip down the middle for night visibility.

Will Drivewayspikes move if I drive on them?

No.They have been tested at 14 mph forward and reverse.

Where do I place Drivewayspikes?

Find the middle of your driveway, and place Drivewayspikes 24″ to the left or right of the middle.

As close to the street as you feel appropriate.