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Rubber mulch on public and residential playgrounds
Rubber mulch on public and residential playgrounds
Rubber Mulch
for Playground Surfacing, Landscaping & Horse Arena Footing
Some other uses for rubber mulch include:
Rock Climbing Gyms, Shooting Ranges, Volleyball Courts, Walking Trails, Rooftop Gardens, Athletic Fields, etc.

Multiple shipping locations covering coast to coast USA.

We offer a variety of products made entirely from non-toxic, shock-absorbing recycled tires.  Playground rubber mulch is more economical than wood mulch, the key advantage:  Rubber mulch doesn't decompose.  According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, rubber playground cover has been proven to have superior shock absorbing capability, and can help reduce injuries associated with falls from playground equipment. 

Playground rubber is cost effective, eliminating the need to constantly replace decaying material.  Rubber mulch is safer for our children by eliminating splinters, scraped elbows & knees.  It drains well after a rain, which reduces mud, and does not attract insects or animals.  It is less likely to compact than other loose-fill materials, and easy to install.  Help us to make a dent in our annual pile of 290 Million tires, and reduce the 200,000 playground related injuries per year in the US (79% of injuries are from falls off the equipment to the surface below).  The Impact Testing Report recommends a 6" depth for a critical height of 10ft.  This product is available for shipment anywhere in the continental USA. 

3/8" - 3/4" +/- Black Rubber Mulch
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3/8"-3/4" +/- Colored Rubber Mulch 
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Colored Rubber Mulch 
for Playground Safety Surfacing

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3/8"+/- Black Rubber Mulch

3/4"+/- Black Rubber Mulch

SHREDDED Black Rubber Mulch  BUFFINGS 

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Horse Arena Footing
Close the Loop supplies the premier horse arena footing for your equestrian comfort.  Generated from a specialized process for uniform consistent size and fiber content, horse turf allows for excellent moisture retention while providing good drainage.  This translates in to reduced maintenance, reduced dust, greater cushion, and an overall more attractive look.

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Products Available Now:
           Rubber Mulch in black, brown, redwood, blue & green.

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Rubber mulch reduces costs and helps prevent injury at the same time recycling promotes environmental harmony andpositively and responsibly impacts the environment.  Reduce facility operation and maintenance costs by using more durable and long-lasting materials such as our recycled tire mulch, rubber tiles and timbers from recycled tires, and plastic post and rail fencing from milk jugs and other plastics.

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