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This is Close the Loop's 10th Annual Give & Take Day 
Saturday, April 21st, 2018
GIVE 10am-1pm, TAKE 1:30pm-3pm

Save the date, April 21st for our 10th Annual Give & Take!! Clean out your home of things you no longer use, GIVE AWAY and get NEW (used) things you CAN USE! 

Everything is FREE!!!

Now part of the FREE Monroe County, PA Earth Day event at the Monroe Campus of Northampton Community College (NCC) Route 715 in Tannersville, PA ~ Directions: 

This is a great way to reuse items that are too good to throw away but you just don’t have a use for them anymore – just bring along any reusable items (nothing larger than 1 person can carry) between 10am and 1pm, then take away anything you want from 1:30pm to 3pm – it’s free! 
(you don’t have to bring something to take something). 

Example of what you can bring: household goods, pots/pans, toys, bric-a-brac, bikes, plants, kitchenware, garden tools, small furniture (must be in good shape to be accepted), gently used clothes, etc.

Examples of things that will not be accepted: electronics, TV’s, computer monitors, tires, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), mattresses, broken items, etc.

You must provide your own vehicle for transporting items. There will be volunteers assisting and reviewing the items being dropped off. We thank you for bringing items to reuse, but sometimes things are in too bad a shape, or are too large, etc ~ please note, we reserve the right to not accept anything we feel will not get taken, or that we might have to pay to get rid of ~ we appreciate your understanding, thanks!! trash please!

For the full day's event, visit:

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Monroe County Residents can bring up to 8 tires per vehicle for FREE as part of the Tire Amnesty Day! 
Monroe County Residents can also bring MANY types of E-waste for recycling for FREE!

Besides the Give & Take Day, there will also be Speakers, Exhibitors, Live Music, E-cycling, Tire Amnesty (Monroe County, PA Residently only ~ 8 tires recycled for free & electronic waste collection), Children's Activities, and much more!!

Monroe County, PA Trails, Open Space, Preserves ~ Over 500 locations identified, visit: to check it out!
Also includes thrift store and food pantry locations along with dog parks!

Rain or Shine event, if rain, we'll be inside a tent at NCC!

If you can't come, please contact us at if you would like the free toolkit to hold this type of event in your area!

Your help is so greatly appreciated and it is a lot of fun helping people and the planet by reducing waste, saving money are re-using items that would have gone to landfills!! All leftover items stay within the community and are donated to local non-profits, churches, etc.  

Please Print & POST our GIVE & TAKE Event!
Rules for Electronic Waste Recycling 
Provided by The Waste Authority

Rules for Tire Recycling 
Provided by The Waste Authority

Volunteer to help with this event:

We NEED YOU to help us make the give & take day a success! Please fill out this form to the right if you can volunteer a few hours to help...we will contact you to confirm your time.  THANK YOU!!!

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Volunteers are needed to:
Log items coming in, verify types of items allowed (no electronics, tires, HHW, etc), arrange items on tables or tarps in groups (clothes, tools, furniture, etc). Help with load/unload as they are able. Help with cleanup afterwards by bagging leftovers ~ items will be brought to Salvation Army & local churches.

9th Annual Close the Loop GIVE & TAKE Day 2017 video:

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1st Annual Close the Loop GIVE & TAKE Day 2009, no video ~ some pictures below:


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